About Us

Marcus Strickland, owner and operator, is a loving husband to his wife Cristen, going on 17 years. Marcus and Cristen are natives to Calhoun County, Alabama and are blessed with 3 awesome kids. 
Marcus recognized a great need and was determined to follow through with a solution. Using his past, professional experiences as: a fire fighter/paramedic, youth pastor and assistant camp director; then, combining his past experiences with a college degree in business management and his love for people, his vision became a reality. November 2018 makes two years of serving home and business owners within our community. To us, Honey Do Professionals is more than just a small business, it is our passion.

Why Choose Us

Family owned, licensed and insured, Honey Do Professionals is the only business in this area offering this unique, monthly-maintenance service.

The vision behind Honey Do Professionals is to help those that are no longer able to take care of their homes to the best of their ability, but greatly desire to reside in their homes, verses moving to a nursing home or into assisted living. Marcus, owner of Honey Do Professionals, experienced this with his precious Grandma, whom he adored. Her one request was to stay in her home, so the family worked together making sure they could follow through with Grandma’s one request. Caring for those in need, often takes the assistance of the medical profession and we too are extremely thankful for assisted living and nursing homes, as well as in-home nurses. We all strive to provide the very best care for our loved ones, but we look at it in a different approach, because we have seen first-hand how challenging it can be to keep the home or office maintenance a top priority. We understand that it can be challenging at times, seeing that our loved-ones and their homes are receiving the best care possible.


Honey Do Professionals also has contracts with business owner’s, busy professionals, those who travel often, widows and dual working families. The monthly service we offer is appealing to home or office owners, from all walks of life. We are truly grateful for every family and business that calls on us for their maintenance needs.


Honey Do Professionals can step in during your time of need, to provide a trust-worthy maintenance service on a monthly basis, ultimately making life a little easier and safer for the home or business owner, all while ensuring that the up-keep of the home or office is a top priority.